Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be bop a Lula, she's my baby...

Here's a quick run through of the last two years with my little miss! She was born in December of 2008 and has quickly become the center of our tiny family. We tried for over a year, rather unsuccessfully, to become parents and randomly it just happened. I had gone in for a consult to discuss our fertility options and the next day tested for the heck of it. Lo and behold a big sparkly +! We were both thrilled and so was everyone else in the family as this is the first baby in quite some time and the only grandchild.

My little miss is an awesome kid (I know, I know...every parent gushes) but really she is! She's friendly, polite and loves to play with other kids. One of my main issues as a new-ish parent, is finding other moms to hang out with. None of my friends have kids so I'm either stumbling across things to do or planning special outings so she can stretch her baby legs and mingle. Recently, we've joined a soccer league.

We love to go to random festivals and events but also enjoy spending a few hours in the sandbox at the local park. Here's one of my idiosyncrasies...I have this strange mindset that if I don't get out once a day and go for a walk or do something...that I'm missing out. It drives dh crazy to say the least. It means less time is spent lounging about which I feel guilty about because dh works so hard but we live in a huge city...you can practically trip over a festival so it's hard not to want to enjoy them!

I'm a strong-minded tattooed lady. I can't stand rude, ignorant or cruel people. Also, we are a family of vegetarians and consider ourselves eco-conscious. Guess we're a little wacky, dh is a computer nerd in an office
environment and I'm a freelance graphic designer/sahm. We're on two ends of the job spectrum but it sure is handy having someone nearby to fix your computer at your whimsy.

I'm not sure why I have this itch to write but I'd love to be able to share our way of life with other moms and get some pointers while inspiring others to get out there and just do. Sometimes grabbing a coffee (and mini hot chocolate) are all it takes to break up the monotony of dishes, vacuuming and cat boxes.

So yeah, this is us. We're a little strange and not your conventional 20 something parents. I think I have a lot to say and hope someone somewhere wants to listen!

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