Thursday, February 24, 2011

New experiences...

Lu and I decided to check out our local Early Years Centre yesterday. She's 2 and we've never been to check out our free government child programs. It's weird I know, but I have a stroller phobia. Dh and I saved for months during my pregnancy to afford a Bugaboo. It's the Cadillac of strollers. I'm not pretentious and I didn't purchase it because it cost like a grand, I bought it because we don't drive. I needed a nice set of wheels, something that could turn on a dime and get onto buses with ease. It's traveled internationally too and works everywhere we've been.

My stroller is my car. I have used it everyday practically for the last two years. I can't even fathom the miles it has on it and sorta wish I had an odometer. It has never failed me and has been worth every last scrimping. Anywho, I'm getting away from the point...I fear my stroller being stolen. It happens quite frequently in the city, I read stories all the time. Craigslist ads from people putting out APB's..."It has a scuff near the wheel!" like their car is missing. Losing a stroller is tragic, especially if you have a small child.

So, the Early Years Centre doesn't have a safe place to put strollers, they're left outside near the front door. I might as well put a sign up saying "SWIPE THIS INSANELY EXPENSIVE, EASY TO SELL STROLLER!"

So yeah, I've been avoiding the Centre even though we could really benefit from the extra baby hangout times and it's free! I did some research and realized there was an off-site drop-in location and it was literally across the street from me! We went to check it out and sure enough there was a little spot inside to park strollers and I was like the 4th Bugaboo parked there. I felt safe and decided to venture into the class and sign up.

Lu ran directly to the little kitchen set up and played away happily. Mother's nursed, babies rolled around and some of the grandparents who brought their grandkids stared at me. I HATE being stared at by people. I'm tattooed, have a sleeve done and my chest...feet...legs...back...k I'm pretty much covered. I don't mind people staring at my work and love when people ask me what it's about but I HATE when people give me the side eye. I'm a good person, friendly and generous. I don't warrant angry looks and do not appreciate judgement calls without meeting me. If you meet me and think I'm a jerk, fine...then we're cool.

So my view of the Early Year's was well-organized, staff was friendly, some mom's were approachable. No one introduced themselves to me but I chatted with another mom who seemed nice. It all felt a little cult-ish though. Everyone knew the songs and leered at me for not singing along. I just could't get into the mentality of singing and dancing with people I didn't know. I'm going to take her back again on Monday and hope it gets a little easier, otherwise we'll just do our own thing like we've always done.

Today we attended soccer. Lu loves soccer, she loves the coaches and the other kids. I love how she looks forward to Thursdays all week long. She attends "Little Kickers", it was started in the UK and now they have branches throughout the US and Canada. I can't say enough about the group, it's been a lifeline and we love attending every week. It's really helped her with learning to run and she has been working on her colours through different drills. Lu has a hard time naming colours and pretty much calls them all "blue". The sticker she receives at the end of soccer is her favourite part though, no matter what colour it is. Today a little girl shouted out "I like gymnastics better than soccer!" and we all laughed. The whole class is just hilarious, kids running amok and coaches trying to keep them in line. I have multiple friends who love to come with us because it's just so funny and awesome.

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