Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unfair Fair.

Big kids drive me crazy!! Is it just me or are pre-teen kids clumsy and reckless?
We took Lu to a fun fair at the school across from our apartment building. It was fun...cotton candy, veggies dogs and raffles. Let's not forget the "bouncy cassuh" as Lu calls it. The only thing that sucked was how much she kept getting knocked around by rambunctious older kids who just plowed her down without a second care. I try my best to keep her close but sometimes she takes a couple steps away...and WHAMMO! A little boy comes flying past and knocks her to the ground...ugh. Where are these kids parents? Seriously pisses me off.

I have no patience for crazy kids. Do they all go through a wild, out-of-control phase? I can't picture Lu being that way and I hope I never have to deal with it.

One boy didn't look more than 7 or so and was throwing golf balls at a glass window....his mom pretended she didn't see him. I couldn't let him keep doing it so I told him to "Be careful because those are glass windows and could break". He gave me this crazed look, almost as though to say, that was what he was attempting to do.

So we grabbed little Miss and got her the hell away from Destructo, much to her displeasure.

I am petrified of her starting school. Don't get me wrong, I trust her to's everyone else I'm worried about :/

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