Monday, May 16, 2011


Going through Lu's closet is a cleansing time...and also a sad time.
Putting away all those teeny tiny onesies and too small shirts. Tiny balled up socks
are the worse, almost too small to fit anyone. They get lost in the recesses of the wardrobe and pop up when you really don't need a reminder that your little miss is growing up.

Lu at 8 months
Thankfully the little lady isn't growing as fast as a lot of kids her age. She's 2 1/2 but still fits in the 18-24 month stuff. I like getting a lot of wear out of her clothes since one of the main complaints by parents is that their children outgrow things before they get a chance to wear them.

The bins of her too small clothing are starting to take over the closet in her room. A sign that she's growing up and another sign that I buy WAY TOO MUCH CLOTHING for this kid! Seriously, they shouldn't make girls clothes so bloody cute.

As summer rears it's lovely little head, it's time to break out the pretty dresses and tiny shorts (last years still fit!).

As much as spring is a rebirth, it's also hard on me. Infertility...that damn word that only those who have suffered from, truly understand. We're a year into our battle again and the pokes and prods have only just begun.

Hoping that next summer I feel differently about tiny balled up socks and find them in the wardrobe again.

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